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Domain Registration

Every web site or web project needs a domain. Domain is the "address" of the web site, which gives the opportunity to find and visit any sites, blogs, online shops and other web resources. Domain consists of a domain name and a domain zone. Usually we choose a name, which may contain from 2 to 63 characters consisting of letters, numbers and a hyphen: "-". There are international domain zones such as .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org, and so on. Each country has its appropriate domain zone, for example, .am domain zone is Armenian.

“HYPERSPACE” LLC provides Domain Registration services. We register domain extensions and other associated services for individuals and legal entities, residents and non-residents, thanks to the integration of various payment systems, automated systems for notification/alert e-mail and SMS to make the process simple, accessible and convenient. Becoming our customer, you can be sure you will never miss the date of the registration/renewal of your domain. Our experts will provide you with high quality 24/7 technical support.

Hosting Services

A necessary condition to locate web sites and other web resources on the Internet is the hosting service. With the help of hosting services web sites and other web resources are allocated on servers with the access to the Internet.

Basic web hosting includes a possibility to create e-mail accounts, databases, DNS server, file storage, automatic system backup and other technical features. Basic hosting package provides a single space for web sites for a variety of users, where the resource of one server is shared between all users.

Virtual private server (VPS or VDS) is a more powerful solution in terms of functionality. Virtual server has the same abilities as the dedicated servers, although there can be deployed multiple virtual servers on the same server. The service is designed for web projects average "gravity" that requires additional server configuration and resources.

Dedicated Servers are almost the same hosting service with one obvious difference: a separate server is allocated for your Web project, which is designed for non-standard tasks for the deployment of "heavy" web projects, which cannot work on the same server with other projects and require all the resources of the server entirely.

As a result of carefully researched local and foreign market our hosting packages are designed to give a solution to the needs of any information project. 24/7 technical support, guaranteed stability operation of all systems, a high level of security were highly appreciated by our customers.


Co-location service is the process of renting space in the Data Center by companies and individuals to accommodate servers and other equipment. Typically, the service includes the provision of space, cooling system, physical security and other services.

Our company provides Co-location service which is a unique proposal in Armenian IT market. The infrastructure of International standards is an ideal environment to co-locate Your servers in our Data Center.